Apartment H

Formerly a dental office, this 46 square meters apartment was purchased by the client to transform it into a residential space for 1-2 people use.

Since the dental office’s rooms weren’t fit to adjust a residential space, the entrance had to be enlarged to accommodate a multifunctional area that would have a living room, a kitchen, a dining and of course a much needed storage space. The toilette has been extended to the exterior wall creating a 4 square meters fully functional bathroom with floor to ceiling mirrors on the right side to the entrance to create the illusion of an even larger space. The bedroom is placed in the rear of the apartment having the advantage of a subtle entrance. Close to the bedroom’s window a custom design bookcase was made out of wood that subtly covers the radiator. In the opposite side of the room there is a 3½ square meters dressing room that can also be used as storage.