House E

Interior design

The interior design project began in the stage where the house was unfinished, had no interior/exterior design project and no materials were chosen yet.

Since the client was already hurrying because the construction team was waiting for a cladding proposal, the first stage of the project was to make the exterior. The concept uses three different color tones that are applied on the house’s volumetry in order to hide the bulky appearence. The materials used are dark red bricks with white joints and beige stone slates. A dark wenge accent is used to contrast the house through windows and doors joinery.

The interior design uses a nature-inspired color scheme.

The living area is highlighted by a large wooden ceiling with a luxurious modern chandelier at client’s request. Between the living area and the kitchen there is a large aquarium that animates the space and creates a pleasant and calm mood. To house this large aquarium the wall needed to be widened so a fully functional particleboard cabinet was created that can be used for storage. A large white curtain was used to minimize the contrast the television would have by the large side windows.

A dull narrow hallway that connects the house with the garage was reinvented by playing with mirrors and LED light.

At client’s request the kitchen uses a burgundy color accent with custom made furniture.

The 30sm dressing room was designed as a small clothing shop where almost everything is stored on open shelves.