Restaurant A

Furniture design

With a 62sqm terrace and an interior of 85sqm, the theme of the project was to carry out the interior design of a restaurant for 50 people with an open terrace in the courtyard of the building. The project took two concepts because the restaurant’s name and desired atmosphere underwent changes. The final concept is modern, the terrace has a capacity of 28 seats and 56 seats inside (plus 6 seats table for children).
Because of outdated and damaged buildings inside the courtyard, the end perspective of the terrace was shielded using an ambiental wooden structure that closes the terrace on one side. The structure has angled panels arranged concentrically that are backlit and that emphasize the local’s logo. Planters marks the perimeter of the terrace while climbing ivy dresses the wooden structure’s sides.
The interior uses sofas along the main walls that creates an open and friendly space. The last room of the restaurant surprises the client with a library but also a space dedicated to children.