The studio

Furniture design

The challenge in designing the studio was to create a fully functional space that would accommodate different needs within the 20sm layout: a working space, a conference room, a cafeteria, a lounge, and space for a large format printer.

For such a small space the best solution was to fit a big multifunctional desk designed for working purpose, client meetings, conference and brainstorming. The desk hides underneath it the computer stations as well as a ventilation system. Storage space was fitted along one side of the room using sterling boards while the printer is placed on the other side. In the former storage closet that was demolished at the beginning of this project a relaxing area was created that has a couch and a coffee table both made from euro-pallet. The other corner fits a mini-bar and a coffee machine with a wooden shelf made as well from euro-pallet. The entrance is marked by a drywall column that masks several sewer pipes. Green blackboard paint was used to create a chromatic accent within the nature inspired color scheme.